Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trick or Treat Sign

Last Saturday Mom and I completed this fun and simple project to begin decorating for Halloween, I think it turned out really cute!
Orange and Black spray paint- ours was flat and for this project I think that was better than glossy.
A board- ours was 5" by 27" on the smallest part.
Vinyl Lettering- I used my Cricut but you can buy vinyl lettering at most craft stores.
Steel Wool or Sandpaper (if your board is varnished or finished like mine was.)

1: Sand or use your steel wool to rough up the top of your board.
2: Paint your board the color you would like the lettering to be in. 
3: Let this coat dry for a really long time. If it is not completely dry your sign will be a mess!
4: Place vinyl letters onto the first coat. Make sure they are centered and aligned as you want them to be before you do step five. (If your cutting with your Cricut remember that the letters don't have to be the same color vinyl. As long as they are the same size and font it won't matter for this project. Feel free to use scraps or a color you don't like)

5: Paint over your letters in the color you want for the background.
6: Again, make sure it is super dry. You're going to be peeling the letters off and you don't want to peel paint off. To make sure it was dry it I tried scratching my fingernails where I knew there was a letter under the paint. That way if it did peel I would know before messing up the part that mattered.
7: Peel off all of the letters on the sign. 
8: Ta-Da you now have a super cute sign for Halloween!
Leave comments below if you have any questions about this project! If you make it, I would love to see a picture. Send a picture to 

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  1. Wow! Thanks for this! I am excited to make something soon! I will call you and your mom if I need help! Great job!